Every day in our country young women are imprisoned in the life of prostitution and sex trafficking. Young men are roped into violent gangs where they become involved in perpetuating the business of sex trafficking. Our project shines a light on some of these stories. Our story follows two young women and one young man as their circumstances in life lead them down this dark path and ultimately towards redemption. Our goal is to raise awareness of the issue of sex trafficking in order to help in the fight to prevent young women and men from being exploited in this fashion.

Our short film can be viewed in its entirety below, we encourage you to share this page with others who are interested in this topic. We hope this film will start a conversation about how we can each do something to be part of the fight to end sex trafficking in our communities.



If you are interested in using this film for a project or event please contact Elizabeth Coldren at elizacoldren@graceplaceschool.org or 954-600-3424.